What is our mission?

The PARTNER.CO 360° approach

We take into account the entire human organism. Like a 360° circle, our products act on every part of the body, improving your overall well-being from scalp to toe. They are designed to comply with food manufacturing standards. Aware of the considerable impact of supplements on health, we are continually refining our techniques and know-how to offer products of superior quality. We select natural ingredients and effective formulas to enable you to experience a pleasant journey towards exceptional health.

What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency and quality. Each of our products is rigorously tested to guarantee its purity, safety and efficacy. We are committed to providing you with clear and accurate information about our products.

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Our values: Sincerity, Commitment and Innovation

Effective formulas, effective products

Our rich and diverse range of nutritional supplements is waiting for you to discover it. It’s right for you, whatever your needs, including needs you’re not yet aware of. As you browse through our selection of products, you’ll realise that they fill gaps that seemed normal or unresolved. They strengthen, boost and restore.

Our formulas cover everything from the most basic needs to improving your personal care routine. From body care to hair care, everything is within your reach. Our products are also used to resolve the most common issues such as sustainable and effective weight management to enjoy a better physical condition. Our range extends to cosmetics for body and hair care, confirming the reality of our 360° approach. Our essential oils act on different parts of the body, both internally and externally.

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Performance and Quality

We strive to surpass ourselves and provide you with results that exceed your expectations. Our formulas are constantly improving to develop natural skin care and beauty products, as well as dietary supplements without side effects.

Choose the best possible quality

Our products are tested, tried and scientifically approved, all part of our commitment to excellence, giving you access to a more pleasant everyday life. In terms of figures, we carry out over 215 clinical studies and more than 1040 quality tests a year, and we seek approval for our products from more than 30 doctors. This rigorous manufacturing process is proof of our commitment to offering you the best.

Food supplements are ingested and have a direct impact on the body. To guarantee and improve your quality of life, we select the best essences from nature and the best elements from science, which we combine to offer you products with long-lasting effects.

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A universal brand of excellence

Our products carry the torch of our determination and our submission to all standards, including the most rigorous ones. In all our laboratories around the world, our teams operate according to these strict research and safety rules. Our company has chosen excellence, efficiency and integrity. Adopting us means embracing our values and turning the hope of a quality of life linked to well-being into reality.

Expertise and innovation

Our certifications

When you choose us, you can be sure that you are using verified products, produced in compliance with all the rules of hygiene without jeopardising your health or integrity. All categories of people can work with us without fear of going against their beliefs.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the world’s largest animal rights organisation. PETA certification guarantees our consumers that our products are totally free from cruelty to animals, and that no tests are carried out on animals at any stage in the manufacture and development of our products. Partner.co is one of the few direct sales companies that can proudly display the label of the “Beauty Without Bunnies” programme.

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Prescribers’ Digital Reference®

La Prescribers’ Digital Reference, anciennement connue sous le nom de Physicians’ Desk Reference, fournit des données sur les produits et services de santé innovants, qui vont dans le sens des prescriptions médicales et de l’adhésion des patients soucieux d’améliorer leur santé.

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ConsumerLab.com LLC is the leading provider of independent test results and information to consumers and healthcare professionals to help them identify the highest quality health and nutrition products.

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NSF International®

NSF International is recognised as the leading independent certification body for dietary supplements in the United States.

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Leaping Bunny Program®

Our participation in the Leaping Bunny programme assures consumers, who are sensitive to the animal cause, that we never carry out tests on animals, whatever the stage of development of our products. We are committed to respecting this manufacturing standard and to earning this approval worldwide. We are also committed to applying safe, animal-friendly techniques for manufacturing and sourcing raw materials, and to ensuring that our suppliers and manufacturers make the same commitment.

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Halal + Kosher

Halal-certified food and products are produced and stored using utensils, equipment and machinery that have been cleaned in accordance with Islamic law. Kosher-certified foods are prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.

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Glycemic index and gluten-free products

The glycaemic index (GI) is a system of food values. It is used to measure how slowly or quickly these foods are likely to raise blood sugar levels. Foods that receive GI certification have been laboratory tested and meet strict nutritional criteria.

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Good Face Project®

The Good Face Project (GFP) is the world’s most reliable reference for verifying data on toxic and health-threatening ingredients that may be present in skin care products, make-up, hairdressing products, baby products and other products.

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