The two-part filtration system includes a proprietary granular media that contains a blend of finely ground zeolite and coconut charcoal and the proprietary pleated filter that is designed to filter out biological, chemical and emerging contaminants. It does so with incredible flow – as easy as drinking water through a straw.


  • A two-stage filtration process:
    • With a magnet-like electrostatic charge that traps contaminants, this exclusive pleat pack has a large surface area in the filter for higher contaminant removal. It contains a proprietary granular blend of zeolite and coconut carbon in the centre of the pleat pack.
  • Antimicrobial properties make the filter easy to store and maintain.
  • Excellent flow so it’s like drinking water through a straw.
  • FDA approved plastics for food contact.
  • Backed by rigorous third-party testing to ensure results.