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“Zorg goed voor je lichaam, het is de enige plek waar je hebt om te leven.”

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) est la plus grande organisation de défense des animaux au monde. La certification PETA garantit à nos consommateurs que nos produits sont totalement exempts de cruauté envers les animaux et qu’aucun test sur les animaux n’est utilisé à aucun stade de la fabrication et du développement de nos produits. NewAge est l’une des rares sociétés de vente directe à pouvoir porter fièrement le label “Beauté sans lapins”.

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Prescribers’ Digital Reference®

The Prescribers’ Digital Reference, formerly known as the Physicians’ Desk Reference, provides data on innovative health products and services that support medical prescriptions and patient adherence to improve their health.

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Cologne List®

The Cologne List is one of the world’s leading laboratories for analytical testing of prohibited substances in food supplements. This body is a testament to our commitment to produce products that are free of ingredients prohibited by health regulations for substances harmful to health.

certificering consumentenlab - newage® LLC is the leading provider of independent test results and information to consumers and healthcare professionals to help them identify the highest quality health and nutrition products.

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NSF International®

NSF International is recognised as the leading independent certification body for dietary supplements in the USA.

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Leaping Bunny Program®

Our participation in the Leaping Bunny programme assures animal-sensitive consumers that we never test on animals at any stage of product development. We are committed to meeting this manufacturing standard and to earning this approval globally. We are committed to safe, animal-friendly manufacturing and raw material sourcing techniques and ensure that our suppliers and manufacturers are equally committed.

gecertificeerde producten - Halal + Kosher

Halal + Kosher

Halal certified food and products are produced and stored using utensils, equipment and machinery that have been cleaned in accordance with Islamic law. Kosher certified foods are prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.

Glycemische index en glutenvrije producten

Glycemic index and gluten-free products

The glycaemic index (GI) is a system of values for foods. It is used to measure how slowly or quickly these foods are likely to raise blood sugar levels. Foods that receive GI certification have been laboratory tested and meet strict nutritional criteria.

Good Face Project®

Good Face Project®

The Good Face Project (GFP) is the world’s most reliable reference for verifying data on toxic and hazardous ingredients that may be present in skin care products, as well as in make-up, hair care, infant care and other products.